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Foam Kote Inc. a Houston foam contractor will facilitate an estimate and provide advanced insulation for your individual needs. We specialize in such industrial needs as tanks, tanker trailers, coolers, vans, rail cars, buoys, barges, and skids. Polyurethane Houston spray foam contractor who provides superior thermal performance to minimize hot and cold spots that can influence the efficiency and comfort of a building or home. It also contributes to the structural integrity of your walls while acting as a secondary moisture vapor barrier to assist in the minimization of the risks of moisture intrusion in the wall cavity.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Stops air and moisture infiltration
  • Makes your home more comfortable
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Adds strength to the building structure
  • It is permanent and will not sag
  • Keeps dust and pollen out
  • Eliminates Ice Daming
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Reduces capacity requirements, maintenance and wear of HVAC equipment
  • Meets all building codes

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is a combination of isocyanate and polyol. These two components are fed through a proportioner which heats then pumps the two separate components to the spray gun, where they are mixed and sprayed onto the substrate. Because it is sprayed onto the roof as a liquid, it forms a single continuous structure that is seamless and very stable. SPF requires a clean surface for proper application. It must be dry, free of contaminants like oil, and properly fastened to the substrate in accordance with the proper Houston foam contractor building codes.

Houston Foam Contractor

Foam Kote Inc. is a polyurethane foam contractor who specializes in commercial and residential insulating and roofing applications. With Houston Foam Contractor's extensive knowledge and years of experience, they have earned a reputation of providing quality services and commitments to their customers across Texas and the U.S. Foam Kote's operational staff commits its self to offering quality work, professionalism and personal attention to every project.

Foam Kote Inc. is a Houston Foam Contractor fully licensed and insured company that wants nothing more than to provide their customers with a healthier, safer, more cost effective operating and/or living environment.

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